Who Knew

February 4, 2017

               Who knew one day,one number,

              one month could hurt so bad. As

               if a knife stabs deep into your soul

            pulling everything out, leaving you

               empty. staring in a mirror you

           wonder if they see the emptyness

            too. Trying so hard to stay away,

             being so close to the edge. Who

              knew one day could push you

            just enough tell you gave up and

          fall over, into darkness. Who knew

            one word could make you wish

          you were deaf. One person could

             make you want to go blind.

          Who knew one day could make

           you wish it was the last. Who

          knew one year could leave you

         alone in the dark letting it ingulf

         it's self around you. Untill finally

         you decided to end it all, senses

         gone. One momment leaving you

                     cold and gone. 

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