Freezing Night

January 10, 2017

It's cold in here.

Darkness surrounding it all.

No life except the lonely girl that vacates the lonely dark streets.

She walks and walks with no destination,

but she does hope to find the one thing she once lost,

a long long time ago.

The love of her life that left her life with no words,

just the look of his eyes said it all to her.

She knew that day was coming,

but she didn't know it was going to hurt so much or that the heart she had had once was now broken and gone like him.

He took it all and now,

her life was now dark and lonely.

That's why she walks thos lonely streets at night.

Her screaming thoughts drive her crazy.

The black hole in her heart makes her feel empty.

No one sees this because she doesn't let them see it.

She hides it and at night drowned in her own words she walks the dark cold lonely streets.

That is her life and it will stay like that for the rest of it.

Lonely, scared, rejected, cold, sad, and broken like her heart.

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