Blanketed Nightmare

December 26, 2016
By Chrizzz502 SILVER, Wayland, Massachusetts
Chrizzz502 SILVER, Wayland, Massachusetts
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I wake up gasping for air
My body in chills its bare
I'm desperate for something to wear
It's been a terrible nightmare
The Human race started chemical warfare
We were losing the battle frontier
Or was it that i got the electric chair?
eaten by a bear? or maybe
I was old and lost my welfare
I had broken my wheelchair
Trapped in Delaware, no more health care
I got sent away because i'm mentally impaired
I ran a daycare, murderous cookware
The only thing to do was play solitaire
Everything was gone with one solar flair
I can't remember but still i'm bare
I scrambled to the light in despair
I took a big breathe of hot air
then tangled myself in a blanket
that manages to keep me safe and less anxious

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