Criminal Activity

December 22, 2016
By Chrizzz502 SILVER, Wayland, Massachusetts
Chrizzz502 SILVER, Wayland, Massachusetts
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Criminal activity
The night floods
With misery
The duds get caught
Soon to be history
Brought to prison or beaten by the cops who think it's their decision
It's a mystery
There isn't anymore wisdom, no one's listening
Fighting for publicity to show everyone my vision
I have dignity and not about to lose
Screw this system
I won't act like a victim
Ill change society's flexibility
Some say this is terrorism
Changing the proximity
We aren't even close together
Hidden our insanity
We all no better than our neighbor
Forbidden rules we follow willingly
My story is unwritten I will stop this industry
America getting too greedy
Forget about the money
It works inefficiently
Collision with a new responsibility

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