Common fears

December 1, 2016

I’m not afraid of the dark

I’m afraid of what’s in the dark

I’m not afraid of silence

I’m afraid of what can hide in the silence.

I’m not afraid of death

I’m afraid of leaving people.

My failure is evident

Am I wasting my time?

Everything is breaking around me

My life is shattered like glass,

and I’m not sure my life is even mine

I’m trapped in this world

I can’t find the time to wait

I can’t break free of this

endless summertime of hate.

I’m not afraid of not being accepted

I’m afraid of being judged

I’m not afraid of being abandoned

I’m afraid of losing the people I trust the most

I’m afraid that everyone hates me

I’m afraid of showing my true emotions

Don’t forget me please

I already have too much regret

I stare so long at my own blood

I’m starting to fear the color red

I may be broken, but don’t worry

Everyone who knows me knows

I’m not afraid of falling

I’m afraid of getting hurt.

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