November 22, 2016
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Through the darkest of days,
Divorced, depressed, without any aid,
She didn’t give up until she reached,
Her goal of life while still studying,
Published her novel after many rejections,
To become the world’s first billionaire author.

Rowling, the epitome of persistence,
Taught the world to never give up.

The flashy cars that run faster than a river,
Came to us through this great entrepreneur.
Failing numerous businesses, but
Never hitting the brakes, he kept pushing forth,
Despite the setbacks, his vision
for a world with radical change.

Henry Ford, steering his life, along with others,
Taught the world to never give up.

Protesting in the scorching sun,
Against thousands of Britons,
Taking on beatings with hard wooden batons,
Preached non-violence until his death.
He persevered without even raising his voice,
Neither fighting nor revolting was his choice.

Inspiring thousands with patriotic beliefs, Gandhi
Taught the world to never give up.

To never give up,
To never give up.

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