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November 15, 2016

When you get old,
Wrinkled and worn,
I’ll be there to give you a blanket if you’re cold,
Just as you have since the day I was born.
I’ll remind you,
Again and again,
If you’ve forgotten,
The love I hold for you within.
How much seeing your smile brightens my day,
Just as the night disappears as the sun makes an appearance,
Unlike you, night never stays.
Or when you say and do things that make you seem cray-zy,
It just endears you to me even more.

When you get old,
Wrinkled and worn,
I’ll wipe your butt,
Though I’ve sworn I’d refuse.
Defuse each situation that’d get you in trouble,
Oh, you’ll be a rotten trouble-maker.
Catch a cold,
And I’ll be there holding a bundle,
Ibuprofen, Advil, Cold and Flu,
Even a swaddle of tissues for your nose.
Take a tumble and I’ll be there in flash,
You’d say light isn’t even that fast.

When you get old,
Wrinkled and worn…

I’ll hold it in.
Ignore how torn my heart is,
At seeing you so tired.
Hide the tears that’ll come,
Every time I remember,
We only have a little while left together.
If every time you hug me lasts for a minute, two, three,
I’ll cry even harder,
As when I was little you pulled away first,
Was busy and had things to do besides hug your daughter.
I’d wish I’d have time to hold on for a little longer.

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