Palm Mute Guitars

November 16, 2016

Mugwort lined joints sit on windowsills,

To that somewhere a coffee spills,

Paused art-film stills

Recollection presses on...

Yet is hastedly forgotten


There is a contortionist in my bed

Feats of entanglement 

Mutual strangling necks

There is a contortionist in my bed

Her legs glide as a pendulum

In the jutted sand of our knees interlocked

My perception of time is distraught


In the brutalist studio pretentious bodys roam,

but all are sentient, percieving, and inviting.

We have but now just entered the affairs,

I grasp onto stares

Like those tears, and gashes beneath our eyes

Oh what it is to lie upon the steepened mattress

with all of your amassed auras, as a collective being.

Jezebelle is feeding; Hookah smoke rises.

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