November 23, 2016
By , Mason City, IA

What is a trade?
Giving one thing for another
Can trade be bad?
No, but what you trade can be
I want to trade
I’m going to trade
But what I’m trading isn’t good
You want me better
Then I will make a trade
It will help what you think is my problem
I’m making a trade
It’s a good trade in my opinion
You won’t like it
You will like part of it
You will like what I’m giving away
But not what I am taking
I am giving something away
And I’m taking the other
You think both are bad
But I don’t care
I feel better and worse
You won’t understand
Not fully anyway
I can be so negative sometimes
I can be my own worst enemy sometimes
This is part of it
I’m giving you my injuring demons
My demons
Not all but the only ones you know about
Until now
You’re about to see some of my other ones
You’ve seen some of my worst
But you haven’t seen these ones
These ones are just as bad
But you don’t know about them
What am I trading for those demons?
I’m trading them for food
But not that way
I am giving you some of my demons in exchange for no food
I’m trading my scars for bones
But no one knows
Until now

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