Tear Stained Page

November 23, 2016
By , West Newton, PA

  Her face was a picture of what people wanted her to be,

her eyes are a window, showing who she is.

She is an artist who paints a smile,

her eyes are the truth that show it's fake.

Nobody sees the pain she holds,

they only see the facade.


    But wait,

were those scars on her wrists?

Why was she crying in the bathroom?

Melting away, she shows who she is,

but to whom?


     Not everybody of course

but to her best friend

who knew her better than she knew herself


    And in the end he made her fell better.

She smiled more and laughed more.

he made her feel special.

He showed her she was worth more than she thought.

Life was beautiful in its own way.

But she didn't see that losing him would mean losing herself.


    He was her oxygen and her support

He was her family.

She had friends but they weren't him

Everyday got harder and herder.

She missed him.

All that was left was a cold stone and an empty room...

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