The Girl Who Killed Me

November 22, 2016
By , Forest Park, IL

I’m not depressed, I just got melancholy thoughts
Trynna find some warmth to melt the frost
That covers my heart I’ve been dreaming about my depart, praying for a new start
To ignore the fact that I’ve been under attack, I react with laughter
Forgetting how to act
Instead of crying my eyes out, I cry deep inside
Happy, because no matter what is said I manage to survive
D***, l****, f*****, when I hear those words I laugh
Cause I try not to think about my negative past
I was put in an awkward situation, unsure of what to do
I felt like I was a slave, and you’d understand if it was you
An unwanted touch that haunted me
She told me that she wanted me
And when I said no, she came back and taunted me
I ran out of words to say
She didn’t believe that I wasn’t that way
I really couldn’t explain it
All of a sudden, she was taking over my brain and I couldn’t obtain it
I thought she was my friend, and nothing more
Until we were alone, and she closed the bathroom door
A part of me feels bad for her, because she was a broken child
It seems that many bad things happened, which caused her to act wild
I had to die, I finally noticed all the clues
That allowed me to break free from the chains, to live a life brand new

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