First Boss

November 11, 2016
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The Biggest Miniature sized b**** i've met
Was my first boss I had ever had

I know it might seem I'm being dramatic
And I just might be overreacting
‘I'm young’ they said
‘I've learned enough’ I wanted to scream

My lips merely trembled in anger
My thoughts don't often reach others ears

In the beginning my job seemed full of life
Coworkers I would one day call friends

During the summer you became irritating
From your dim witted high pitched voice,
To your too confident swagger
Carrying a piece of paper and heading to an unknown destination
Us mindlessly follow you into the woods
Perhaps we are to trusting

Topping it off, out of the sixteen of us
In our unformed family
You picked favourites
instead of treating us equally

Making us roll our eyes as you gave the ‘special-ones’ a decent job
And us the jobs that no one wants to do
Forcing us to unknowingly separate from the group and not include each other

When we were supposed to be a team...

We hurt, we do not speak our minds but we feel excluded
You are our boss and it takes more than that to complain about you
Just so you know, we will never forget how you treated us
For we were willing labour worker
Trying to prove to you We weren't kids
Alone, forgotten, looked over, not good enough

And I shall never forgive you

You wannabe white girl 
Also known as the cougar
IF I could get you fired i would but i won’t
Because no matter what i think
the higher ups love you

Bye, Bye
Wannabe Starbucks loving white cougar

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