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November 9, 2016
By , Highlands Ranch, CO

It's been four years now
And I've thought a lot about
What I would say if i ever had unfortunate
Luck of seeing you again
When I used to think about it at all
I would get anger so hot it burned like
Bile in my throat
And sadness
A current that yanked me back under
Every time I almost reached the surface
And guilt
With its bony fingers
Wrapped Tightly around my throat
The grip of death
That's how I used to feel
Every time I felt the thought of you
Creep up from the back of my mind
But that was four years ago
And now I can honestly say
That if I ever see you again
I want to say thank you
Thank you for helping me understand the most vile parts of the human race so that I can truly appreciate the great ones
Thank you for introducing me to the true evil of this world
So I know to look for it wherever I go
Because of you I matured faster than a 14-year-old ever should
through blood sweat and tears
I've become stronger than I ever thought I could be
And if you ever see me
You can thank me too
Because I am the reason your fiancée left you
After seeing the monster beneath your skin
I am the reason you'll never get to be
A high school teacher
I'm the reason you'll never get to take advantage of anyone again
And you lost your job
Your reputation
Your future
Throughout this experience I have gained so much strength and courage
Especially knowing that
I can be whatever I want
And you will always
Be a rapist

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