November 18, 2016
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We all know how it feels to have a dream, goal, or accomplishment. What if everything you ever wished for became true? Would it be the time of your life or not everything that you thought it would be? Tessa Cassidy was in a coma for five years when she suddenly woke up and everything had changed. Her dream boy was there to greet her, her parents were there but not acting like they used to act, and her best friend suddenly tells her she is moving in two days too New York to be a journalist and Tessa was coming too. Everything seemed perfect, almost too perfect. What will Tessa do in her predicament?

Chapter 1
I was hearing everything someone said around me. I was confused and wanted to get up and tell them to shut up since my head was pounding. However, when I tried getting up, I couldn’t. It was like my body would not move at all. I kept trying and trying but it did not seem to work. The harder I tried the brighter the darkness got around me. Maybe I was getting up or opening my eyes, I thought. Then when I finally touched the light, I heard a beeping sound from where I was. I then heard a steady beep and everything went dark again. Silent, lonely darkness that no one could help me get out of. I heard screaming around me and heard people weeping. That’s when I knocked out in my own mind and can’t remember what happened after that.

It seemed like ages later when I was awoken in my mind again. I wanted to try and get up again since I heard voices in the room again. So I tried again. I pushed everything in me and tried to at least squeeze my hand. When I tried for what seemed like the hundredth time, I felt something. I felt my body move. Finally! When the voices around me stopped, I was guessing they noticed my small movement, I tried to tell them to help me out of this darkness. But all I could muffle was a groan. When I did so, I heard a faint gasp. That’s when I realized what was happening. I was finally waking up! Slowly I saw bright lights when I tried to open my eyes, I thought maybe that what happened last time would happen again. However, this was a different kind of light. When it felt like my eyes were surely open, I adjusted to the light and looked around from where I was lying. It was a white ceiling with lots of squared shapes and lights. If I remembered right, my room didn’t look like this...where was I? That’s when I sat up, a little too quickly if I may add, and looked around frantically. That’s when I saw where I was. I was in a hospital room with dead flowers all around and deflated balloons. What is going on? Why am I here? What has happened before I awoke? That’s when the nurse beside the door looked at me with wide eyes.

     Chapter 2
It seemed like an eternity later since the nurse walked in on me awake. Why was she running around frantically and so surprised? I wasn’t out for that long was I? That’s when it hit me. Where was my family? My best friend? Why were all of these dead flowers around? I have so many questions that need an answer. That’s when the nurse walked in with the doctor this time. As he was just about to open his mouth, I cut him off. “How long have I been here? Why am I here? What happened? Where is my fam-”

He cut then took his turn to cut me off with saying, “One question at a time my dear.”

So I asked the question that I’ve been dying to know. “How long have I been here?”

He look at me with wide eyes. What did he think? That I would wake up from the disturbing darkness and just remember everything with a snap of a finger? He then quietly chuckled to himself. I tilted my head to the side a little showing how confused I was. “Oh my, oh my. You really don’t remember do you?”

I shook my head at his question, very confused why he would ask me such a ridiculous question. He then frowned and said, “Hun you’ve been here for five years. For the first couple months we kept hope that maybe you would soon wake up. But days turned into months and months turned into years and we all lost hope. But yet we still managed to keep you in that never ending darkness didn’t we? We almost lost you at once however. That’s when we decided it’d be better to take you off of life support. That’s until when the nurse walked in to do so, you were awake! I do have to believe that you are a miracle!”

I sat there trying to process what all he just said. How could that even happen? How did I end up in complete darkness for five years? It didn’t make sense. So I asked, “Why am I here?”

He frowned once again. He sighed before saying, “Oh darling. You were in a car crash that almost got you killed. Your head went through the window and you hit the ground. We thought you wouldn’t make it but you were just in a coma. For five years if I may add.”

I was speechless. What could you say if someone told you that you woke up after five years of darkness? Just as I was about to ask my next question, when my mother walked in.
Chapter 3

I was shocked to say the least. She smiled real wide that showed off her pearly white teeth. She was also accompanied by my father and best friend. They all looked very different...I thought Caitlin had blonde hair not brown. I thought my mother had long hair not short. My father was bald last time I saw him, now he looks like John Stamos. How can this be? What is happening? They all looked like models in a magazine. I wondered what I looked like. Would I look the same as the old me or different? Of course I was bound to look at least slightly different because it was five years ago. My mother cleared her throat bringing me out of my thoughts. She grinned one last time before saying, “Oh darling! You are awake! You really are awake! I can’t believe it if I’m being honest. I was just about to think that we lo-”

I cut her off before she could say anymore. “What is going on? Momma can you get me a mirror real quick?”
She nodded quickly saying, “Of course pumpkin, anything for you.”

I kept silent while the gathered a makeup mirror from her purse. She tossed it to me and surprising I caught it. That’s weird. Before this all happened I have never been able to catch one thing, I have always been clumsy. I lifted the mirror up to my face and was astonished at the sight I saw. My hair was in perfect light blonde curls. My eyebrows were nicely done with a perfect arch in them. My eyes were a sparkling blue with green specks in them and my eyelashes almost touched the top of my lids. I looked nothing like I did five years ago. I looked up with a frown of confusion resting on my face. They all did not acknowledge this and came for a big hug instead. I was confused out of my mind. My confusion only grew when they all said, “We missed you Olivia.”


Chapter 4

Shocked. That was my only feelings right now. My name was not Olivia. My name is Tessa. I looked up to my mother with wide eyes, “Mom. My name is Tessa not Olivia.”

She laughed, “Oh hun, no it’s not.”

The thing that made this situation even more weird was that when I was little I used to wish that my name was Olivia. Everyday I would say a little wish for my name to be Olivia, my hair to be blonde, my eyes to be blue with green specks, my eyelashes to be long up to my lids, and my eyebrows to be perfect. I began to think more. I’ve always wanted my dad to look like John Stamos, my best friend to be a brown headed so we could switch it up, and my mother to be the ‘cool mom’ like in the movie Mean Girls. This was all getting too weird for me. Then as I thought it couldn’t get any weirder is when my mom said, “Oh and hun we brought your boyfriend with us. He’s just been dying to see you.”

I did not remember having a boyfriend before I was knocked out. I wonder who it is. Just as I was about to ask that exact question, my supposedly ‘boyfriend’ walked in. He looked at me with a grin and that is when my heart stopped. Ryan Reynolds? He is my boyfriend? How can this be? Ryan used to be in my classes at school, he was the school sweetheart. Every girl wanted him. He walked over to the bed and gave me one of his breathtaking smiles. This is not real. This is not real. I know this is not real. Then I suddenly realized that whatever I had wished for before the accident was coming true...and right now I didn’t really mind. 

Chapter 5

My life has changed in so many ways in the last few months. Caitlin got an interview with a publisher in New York and he asked me to work for him too! I gladly accepted since it was not only my dream to be a journalist but being in New York and with my best friend made it ten times greater. My loving boyfriend was always with me and my parents were for anything I wanted to do. I was living the life...but it just didn’t seem right. My life before the coma might have not been everything I would have wanted but it was my real life. I started pushing everyone away, only focusing on my work. My days were fading into nights. Months seemed like years. I was losing my mind with all this work is what I thought. I then got up from my desk and walked out of the enormous building. Everything in my life seemed too good to be true. I was caught up in my thoughts when I crossed the street not even looking at the speeding taxi cab coming my way.


Chapter 6

My body was numb. I couldn’t feel anything. Was I in another coma? I tried what I had last time, trying to wake up. This time I actually woke up on the first time. Again I looked up confused, just as the nurse walked in with wide eyes. Wait, is this the same nurse as last time? The doctor then walked in a while later with a frown outstretched on his face. Why is this the same doctor? He then gave me the exact same explanation as last time. I was once again, beyond confused. Why is this all just repeating the first time? I was losing my mind, that had to be the answer. My breath started to pick up and my heart was racing. My sight was starting to fade, the room spinning. That’s when I fell back onto the bed, closing my eyes. I listened to the beeping noise start to pick up beside me. That is when I saw that familiar light again. This time however, I was moving faster and faster toward it. When I finally got close enough to it, I heard the faintest noise of the beeping sound going flat. I was in a happy place now, I could finally be in a peaceful, forever long sleep.

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