Puppy Love

November 3, 2016
By AbbyRobinson SILVER, Jeffersonville, Kentucky
AbbyRobinson SILVER, Jeffersonville, Kentucky
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Puppy love? That’s what you choose to call it. As if we're animals with lust in our eyes and are not capable of understanding what love is. As if all we want to do is play around with the other’s heart until we tear it to shreds.

We are too young you say to me. Too little to reach the shelf that we’re climbing. As if we're only children with stars in our eyes that blind us from what we are getting into. As if we are too ignorant to make the right decisions by ourselves.

But Puppy Love has been together for almost two years and that is longer than you ever have. Puppy Love has nurtured each other and been there through deaths, discouragements, and defeats and still decides to hold the other as close as they can as if to stitch every tattered piece back together again.

Young Love knows we are too small, which is why we help each other climb the shelf to reach what we need.


Young Love doesn’t have stars in our eyes, only ashes and wonder until we look at each other. Because we are each other’s sun, the brightest star we could have. Young Love knows what we want and knows what we need. What’s the point in a family if you cannot provide for one? But yet you talk to us as if our reproductive system defines what our hearts have to say. And I find it repulsive that i’m accused of not loving him simply for our lack of intimacy. But at the same time am told i’m a bad influence becomes I'm of the opposite gender.

Tell me about how I am not ready because I don’t know how to love. Tell me about how he's not right for me because he's not rich. Tell me how it isn’t love if we’ve kissed. Tell me how i’m a bad influence on him because i’m a girl. Tell me how he’s a bad influence on me because his family is different from my own. Tell me that my heart doesn’t know what it’s talking about, even though you told me to follow what it says everyday since i’ve opened my eyes. Tell me again and again so I can get tired of it again and again because you sound like my least favorite song on replay. You can tell me again and again and I'm sorry but I will say again and again: “I love him. I swear.”

The author's comments:

This piece was written when some people told me my relationship would inevitably end and as a teenager I don't even know what love is. I want people to get that just because some people are young doesn't mean that they can't experience love. Just because i'm a teenager doesn't mean I don't know what love is.

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