cleaning gone wrong

October 31, 2016
By , walker, MI

My family and I were outside cleaning the garage

when out of nowhere
I saw a mirage
A pop bottle with the cap on hitting the cement

It bounced off the pavement,
hit a chair bang ,
then hit me
right above my left eye boom

I could not see anything
through my left eye
I could only see the dark red cold liquid streaming
from my eye as I was panicking wildly

instead of my parents getting a rag for the blood,
that was dripping from my face,
they made ME go into the space
of my kitchen and grab one myself.

I said to my mom, “Why can't you get a rag? 
I'm the one with the bloody face!”

Mom said “Well when I was a kid,

And I got stitches or broken bones,
I had to do everything myself too,
including my chores.”

my mom and dad decided
to do something about
The blood streaming from my eye.

They took me to the med center on Alpine
When I got the stitches, It hurt so bad it felt like
I was being burned alive because 
they didn’t numb it
They just asked, “Are you ready?”… and I yelled ow so loud

that the doctor who was stitching
me up had to cover her ears
and walk out of the room.
I think the entire med center heard me
after that they stitched me up
and sent me on my way

At the end of the day I was so angry I
was hotter than the sun and if you were
to touch me that you would get third degree burns.
But at the same time I was so excited that I made kids on christmas
look sad because
now I had a story to tell to the kids at school
I got stitches because of a pop bottle cap.

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