Sudden Death

November 21, 2016

I never expected
for you to cause such deep wounds.
My mind in shock by sudden
snake-like movements as you strike.
My body scarred by your harsh
Blood cascading down my side.

Golden eyes stare into glaring green.
Mine wide with shock, and yours
calculating and calm.

I won't let myself lose, I can’t.
Wrapping my hand around
a hardwood handle of a jagged (serrated) blade,
I twist my body away from you
and in my panic,
I strike.

We begin tumbling to the ground,
and in an instant I’m striking again.
When we hit the ground there is silence,
time has frozen and we pause
to catch our breath.

Letting go of cold steel,
hearing it clatter to the ground.
I watch you struggle, gasping for a breath
you can’t receive.
Your once-green eyes turn swampy as you
fade into nonexistence,
and for some reason I feel no remorse.

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