The Ringing

November 21, 2016
By Anonymous

The ringing,
It comes,
And comes again,
At the break of dawn,
When all is quiet,
And none but me,
Is awake,
It rings in my head,
Like the devil’s evil cry,
None of my cell  mates here this,
None at all,
Only me.
The others judge me,
They whisper about me,
About how I hear things,
About how I can hear the ringing,
They think me,
An insane man,
An insane prisoner,
No one on this island,
Thinks me as normal,
The prisoners think me crazy,
The guards think me insane,
The warden thinks me psychotic,
Even in prison a man,
Has somewhat respect.
But no,
Not me,
I am left alone,
In the shadows,
Exiled from the exiled,
All because I hear the ringing.
The ringing I thought,
Was a curse,
But it proved its worth,
On  December 16, 1962,
I heard the ringing,
This time, though,
The ringing was,
Earlier than usual,
It came at 2am,
Awakening me from my slumber,
The ringing grew louder,
And louder,
Till I was cupping my hands over my ears,
The ringing subsided,
Instead, the loud ring was followed by,
It was followed by a hiss,
The hiss of a voice,
So vile that its very words,
Dampened the lights,
Its malevolent voice was smooth,
And soft like silk,
It washed over me,
It was so nice and inviting,
And it was telling me,
Trying to help me,
It had said,
Allow me into thee,
And thou shall see,
What victory me,
Can give to thee.
It was so convincing,
I listened to the darkness,
I let it into me without hesitation,
It came into my soul,
It made me feel stronger,
Stronger than before,
It filled me with its centuries of wisdom,
And knowledge,
It gave me the sight of the gifted,
And showed me the way,
The way to my victory,
The way to my freedom.
The darkness chided me on,
Constantly reminding me,
Using the pain of my past,
To empower my future,
Whenever I resisted,
resisted the choices of the darkness,
It showed me the pain,
The pain I had felt,
Overlapped with the pain it had felt,
It was excruciating,
The pain was beyond comprehension,
My mind felt as if,
As if it were splitting in half,
My skin started steaming,
And turning into shadows,
In the back,
The very back of my unconscious mind,
I knew,
I knew what I was doing,
Was wrong,
And that I was being used,
As a vessel for this darkness,
Yet I was lured in,
Caught like a fish on a hook unable to escape,
Unable to leave the tight grasp,
Of the darkness,
With the added strength,
the strength the darkness devoured,
devoured from the souls it consumed,
it led me,
it opened locked doors,
and sealed hatches,
the darkness led me along,
until we reached our destination,
the latrine of the cell block,
it lent me its strength,
giving me enough power,
to pry open,
two bars,
two bars on the window,
it was just enough for me to squeeze,
The darkness,
It provided me with,
The rest of my- our escape,
It took away my fear,
Of getting caught,
Of heights,
Of the water,
And what lurked beneath its choppy surface,
The darkness,
It took all of that,
And left me emptied of doubt,
And fear,
And shame,
It left me a new man,
The darkness,
It used the sight of the gifted,
And the strength of the strong,
To help me make the 1.4 miles,
Swim to land,
It was beautiful,
I was like a king,
Carried to land,
To a normal life,
On the backs of my loyal subjects,
On the backs of the unridden waves,
Of the sea,
The sea that all thought was impossible,
To swim across,
And survive,
But I am living proof,
Living proof that,
The journey is possible,
When I made it to land,
It felt like someone had taken,
Earmuffs off my ears,
And as if someone had pulled cotton,
Out of my head,
My thoughts were clearer,
My hearing sharper,
I felt alive,
And well,
I felt like I was finally,
Out of the shadows,
But I was not,
As soon as I stood,
On my two strong feet,
I crumpled,
I cascaded to the ground,
Overcoming me,
The darkness left me,
It took flight,
Preparing to feast,
To feast off of the poor,
Unfortunate souls,
Like me,
Who were so desperate,
And blind,
And overcome with hatred,
To see,
What the darkness,
Really intended to do.

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