Necklace like a Heartbeat

November 20, 2016
By mayahanson DIAMOND, Fenton, Missouri
mayahanson DIAMOND, Fenton, Missouri
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She feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS. ~Henry James

I wish you had given me a necklace
a reminder
to hold something that reaches too deep for words

I wish I had something to remember you by
during these long days and
haunted nights

I wish I had anything other than
fading memories,
something to prove reality

but if I had a necklace
I’d hold it in my hand and
know I wasn’t over you

I wish you had given me a necklace
but then again I don’t

I don’t want another scar,
I want to be a shell
at least then I could float away
on a different current

I don’t want any piece of me to
remember this,
I don’t want anything I am to
remember you

but now I have a heartbeat and
I hold it in my hand and
know I’m still not over you

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