November 20, 2016
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Hearts beat, in anticipation 
         as they walk by the bouncer.
They step into the club 
         and everything is alright.
These walls     this music  it raises them up
There’s no need to fight here. Just dance
Hispanic. Black. Gay. Trans. And more. 
Hearts all beating
         In unison on the dance floor.
They were home.
And then he walks in.
And they have seen his face before
And just assumed that he belongs here too.
It begins.
The Fear.
The floor, becomes stained with red.
It can tell the difference between the sweat which had been falling before,
         this liquid was thick and warm.
                     And it wasn’t supposed to be here. Not here.
                                 Please, anywhere but this haven.
                                         Heaven ain’t ready for these                                                                    souls yet.
The hearts
         Beat ferociously at the sound of the first gun shot.
                One by one, the dancing stops.
                    One by one the fear sets in,

                                  until it is suffocating.
                                       Until the popping sounds again:

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang
     Then hearts are beating
               in unison with the rest
     And finally, when it is over
               not beating at all.

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