I Noticed

November 20, 2016
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I'm not sure what you did
But the first day I saw you
I couldn't help but stare,
I noticed your green eyes, the gentle smile with
the little gap between your teeth,
I noticed the way you walked
how you always look around when more than 1 person is looking at you
I saw you looking at me
but never saying anything
I noticed how you never said much really
until the big man came in
or your mom for that mannar
I noticed how shy you where,
how you smiled when we made eye contact--
even if it was only for a split second
I noticed how you're different,
keeping to yourself, don't really talk
I noticed your laugh
how it brightened mine--
I couldn't help but let it out,
I noticed when you talk to me
it's more than just a talk
it's every second I get to converse, those seconds add up
I noticed that
I'm going to fall in love with you,
not soon-- not within the next few months
but I'm going to fall in love
I'm going to love your smile,
your artwork and music music,
the way you talk; walk,
the way you laugh, and
how you speak; how you aren't good with your words
but you still try anyways,
I'm going to love your expression,
the way you handle things
I'm going to learn from you, and grow with you
I'm going to love you for you,
And that's why I'm chasing you.

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