Absolute Ending

November 19, 2016

I tasted oblivion in your breath
as we drove into a scarlet horizon
which to me looked like the most
severe forest fire I had ever seen.
Instead of sharing my weariness,
you glanced passively over the scene
with empty, glossy, eyes.

After lackluster eternities we reached
the end of a civilization
and had to carry on by foot.
I listened to the rhythmic click
of your silver watch foreshadowing
the absolute ending to all we had even known.

I counted the hours that passed
with bitter indifference
and gave no thought as the
last glimpse of sunlight
surrendered to ebony darkness.
Your steady melodic breaths were the
only sound that graced our universe.

Under the dim light of ivory stars
I watched you walk away
after we shared vacant goodbyes.
I knew for the coming months I would
name every passing storm after you.
Yet before too long I came
to peace with your absence
as I became aware of other
hollowed promises that dangled overhead.

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