My Boring Life

November 18, 2016
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As I sit here wanting adventures I dream of
The stereotypical Fairies that cast glittery spells
Heat admitting dragon scales
And Superpowers that would change my world
Wanting peace I dream of
The world free of war
Doves that fly free
And bandages created of words
Wanting excitement I dream of
The spark of friendship
Echoing laughs for stupid jokes
And wide eyes
Wanting strange I dream of
The flexible limbs twisting up
My inner thoughts I hide to seem normal
And physical objects that can move on their own
Wanting love I dream of
The longing for the connection
Becoming closer
And locking lips for the first time
When I sit here wanting a life unlike mine I dream of
The random surprises I crave
Explorations I’m too afraid to take
And the people I wish I'd never lost

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