November 18, 2016
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When you tried to text me “good bye”
Like I wouldn’t try to call you over hundred times
Trying to get you to answer
Like it would’ve been “okay”
To say “goodbye” like that

You told me to promise
To say something “nice and pretty”
At your funeral
You acted like I would be fine with these requests
Like I would be “okay” with you killing yourself

You got mad at me
When I wasn’t “okay”
When I called 911
And told you that help would be there soon

I am “okay” with you being mad at me
As long as you’re alive
To be mad at me
As long as you are “okay”

So you can be mad at me
Because I will never let you
Say “ goodbye” over a text
Be “okay” with saying
“Nice and pretty” things at your funeral
Because I will never ever
Be “okay” with you killing yourself

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