The Duel

November 18, 2016
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The crack of dawn,
Early morning sun shoots
Across the hudson.
Emotions flood my mind,
And so many more.

Alex’s barge pulls ashore
He walks up the cliff,
Two other men follow
My second presents the pistols.

Alex and I exchange greetings.
He takes a expertly crafted pistol,
Then takes up position
Facing straight toward the city.
The Hudson just over the cliff
Under the shade of a tree.

I take a pistol,
Take up position,
Ten paces away facing him.

We raise our guns.

His second counts,
One two three four five
Six seven eight nine ten


I pull the trigger
The flint strikes,
Gunpowder cracks

He fires
The bullet goes above my head.

My bullet hits him in the ribs.

I walk towards him
Filled with regret,
My second pulls me away.

Hamilton is dead.

I’m told,
He never intended to fire.

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