How To Love Me

November 18, 2016
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Step 1: Get some barbed wire and concrete
Build a wall around your heart thick and tall
Make sure only a bulldozer could get through
Because you're going to want to protect that sh*t

Step 2: Keep your distance as soon as I mumble those three words
Be ready to run as soon as I show signs
Signs of tear stains
Scratches and bruises
I don’t know where they came from
Be ready to question my where I am
When I tell you I’m at home
Am I really?

Step 3: Know that you're not the one for me
Even if I tell you so
I’m lying
I don’t love
I can’t love
I’m too broken
My job is to make others as broken as me

Step 4: If you think I’m cheating it’s probably because I want you to
Doesn’t mean I am
I just don’t want you anymore
And that’s the only way I can make you break up with me
Because then I’m the bad guy
And not you

Step 5: Pack up your stuff and leave
Just like the rest of them
You’ll see I can’t be loved
You can see I am too broken to love anyone else
So leave and go find someone else
Just like they did

Step 6: You didn’t leave
Why didn’t you leave?
I showed you the scars
I acted like I cheated
Made you and everyone else believe it too

Step 7: You made me love you
I became addicted to you
So now you can’t leave
Don’t you dare walk away now

Step 8: When I woke up
I realized I can’t love anymore
It hurts too much

Step 9: How to love me…..
Just don’t.

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