Who are you?

November 17, 2016
By , New York City, NY

Who are you,
To tell me what to do,
When and where as well?
My own person,
I am.
Of taking care of me.
So don't worry,
Don't strain yourself.
I know what I'm doing.
Who are you,
To come and tell
That I can't do this
Or that,
And just let you do it?
I can't rely on you
All the time,
For one day,
You'll be gone.
Who are you,
To act like this?
I can make decisions,
Maybe one day soon
I'll have to do it
By myself.
Letting you
Do everything
Isn't fair at all.
Who am I,
To grumble that,
And barely do things to help.
I hope you'll trust me,
And let me do some things too.
I know I can.
I can do it,
Just like you.

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