My Brother

November 17, 2016
By , South Hill , VA

5 Years younger than I,
But he is twice as fly.
I loathe the day when it’s said, “oh, you’re Johnny’s brother.”
When it comes to my social life, why should I even bother?
He has half the friends,
But they will all ride to the end.
Psht, when it comes to ladies I don’t even contend,
All I can do is pretend.
When my girl comes around, and he is in town,
Can I even make a sound?
No, what I developed in 2 years,
He can reproduce without fear!
What he lacks in brawn, he makes up for in brain,
When it comes to computers, his knowledge is insane!
When girls say “OMG, he looks just like you!”
I might just have to fight you…
When they say, “He’s so cute!”
I smirk, “Does that mean I am cute too?”
Maybe he could get his own reality TV show,
That’s right! I’m about as irrelevant as a baked potato.

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