November 17, 2016
By amsunderland BRONZE, Park City, Utah
amsunderland BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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People in this world discriminate
Why are humans filled with so much hate
They care about your ethnicity
Although they should practice simplicity
Everyone should have a right
We should stand up and help them fight
Nothing good comes from discrimination
We all are here with the same foundation
I sit here with a label
Which causes my emotions to become unstable
We stand denied of our rights
Because people think we can’t live up to the height
They focus on your gender
But we can not surrender
They try and take away your rights
But as a women I understand how much that bites
I am treated like an object
Which gives me a feeling of neglect
We need to take action
To see other people's reactions
They hate you for who you are
Although they don’t realize how much it scars

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