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Your Center

November 15, 2016
By PicturesqueHeart GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
PicturesqueHeart GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
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Don't close the blast doors to your heart. ❤️

Light and Dark
Yin and Yang
Shadows and Radiance
Beginning and End

How to find balance?
How do you find the middle,
Your fulcrum,
Your center,
Your core?

How do you find light,
In a world that has lost hope?

How do you find darkness,
In an utopian world?

Find a balance,
Find the center.
Find your deepest and darkest fears,
As well as your shining hope.

Because, when you find it,
When you find your heart,
It is when you will truly understand
Victory, power,
As well as

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