Last Breath

November 15, 2016
By CaitlinG00 BRONZE, Watkinsville, Georgia
CaitlinG00 BRONZE, Watkinsville, Georgia
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I have heard the same thing 

And you're constantly making sure I'm listening 

It was my first time going 

But I know what I'm going 

I wanted to make y'all proud 

So I had water even when I was the only one in the crowd 

Telling my friends don't make a mistake 

So it won't end in a heartbreak 

That's when the goodbyes 

Suddenly turned into cries 

I didn't see it coming 

And how I'm on the gravel bleeding 

Screaming and yelling is all I heard 

With pain in my body that burned 

I felt my heart beating fast 

And I'm worried that my breath will be my last 

I need my mother, I want my father 

As my pain is getting stronger 

All I see now is blurry faces 

Asking what my name is 

My back gets chills all down it 

Over and over again I ask myself will I make it 

Tell my sister to be strong 

And put a piece of me in her heart where I belong 

Tell my father that he was my hero 

And remeber the places we used to go 

Tell my mother I always wanted to make her proud 

But I can't, and I want to scream so loud 

My breathing is getting harder 

The noise inside of me gets louder 

Passing a lady trying to follow me crying 

I knew who she was and I wasn't lying 

Because a daughter never forgets the love from a mother 

Feeling the warmth in the hugs I got from her 

Seeing my father with her across the room 

All I see in his eyes is the doom

Wondering if they will be brave 

When they see my name on the grave 

How will people remember my name 

When they say it won't be the same

I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry dad 

Please forgive me, don't be sad

I'll always be looking over 

From the land that is coming closer

I'm sorry that I have to say goodbye this way 

Thinking that I have no hope to stay 

So hold my hand tight God 

As I look back at life and nod

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