Dear Past Me

November 15, 2016
By CampbellJM SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
CampbellJM SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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How are you,

How was school,

What did you do, today?
I already know the answers,
You don’t have to tell me.

Good, fine, nothing.
I know you aced your algebra test,
And what you had for breakfast.
But you don’t know the manifest
knowledge I have obtained
you didn’t even know you could learn.
The kind of things that keep you up at night
Wondering when and who that knight
in shining armour will be and when he will come.
When she will come.

In kindergarten when they taught the ABC’s,
They taught that A was for apple,
But not for abuse and anger.
They taught that B stood for boy,
But not for broken hearts, backstabbing, and bisexuality.
They told you that C is as in cat,
Not cries being muffled by pillows so your parents can’t hear you.

In second grade you were taught how to add and subtract.
This was for numbers of course,
What they didn’t tell you
was how to add and subtract people from your life.
How to remove people that brought negativity
And ABC’s of sadness.

In fifth grade,
They forgot to mention that while writing with emotion is good,
Any feeling you had in the real world was to be tossed away.
You weren’t told to hide away
And act like you’re okay.
You weren’t told you aren’t supposed to feel.

Health class had told you to just say no,
But they didn’t tell you what to do when no wasn’t an answer.
They didn’t tell you what to do after your legs were forced open
Or the drink poured down your throat,
Even when they have you convinced that you want this.
They didn’t tell you what to do when he hit you,
and said he was sorry.
And you believed him.

All these lessons we are forced to learn on our own,
Not in elementary school.
These are the messages young girls need to hear that no one is teaching.
The most important things you learned and have yet to learn,
Are taught by me,
Your future self.

The author's comments:

Things I have experienced or seen others go through that are ongoing attacks. No one is teaching these lessons, and someone aught to. 

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