November 15, 2016
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The sharp discord.
The almost silent hiss of the microphone,
as two fiery candidates,
excrete that of dastardly,
rhetoric, and profound
Embellished by that of bias,
and an indefinite belief of total falsity,
echo across that of the majesty,
of antiquated and blissfully elegant ceilings.

With hordes of blind followers,
bent on the total and utter destruction,
of all opposition.
Waning in the back,
and in seclusion from there of, with
an unending flame of astronomical hate.
Further growing by propaganda
and dialect of horrendousness.

Blasphemy of epic proportions,
and mocking of other perceptions
ravage that of the intellect.
With obscene incantations at the helm,
pillaging the competition
while degrading themselves
make that of any dispute,
all the more ludicrous.
The most sensible one moderating,
or so one is to believe.

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