Only two

November 15, 2016
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Call me what you will
Ignorant pig
Although the last time I checked
I’m not wrong
And I may choke back my opinion
But i want to talk about gender
Both of them
Male, female period
I’ll admit I’m offensive, rude, and quite harsh
But im not wrong
There are two genders end of story
I’m sorry if I offend you
And maybe it’s just a hard pill to chew
But let me tell you
If you dare call me a homophobe or sexist
I’ll call bullshit because I’m not biased
I’m simply blunt
I’ll also bring up the question
when did sexual orientation
become gender?
I’m not saying people can’t be homosexual
But don’t label it as gender identification
Because there’s two options
Male or female
Choosing which one you are
Is not an option.

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