The Change

November 15, 2016

I’ve always admired my dad.
He works like santa’s elves to make sure there’s a way to pay bills.
He tells jokes
and tickles me,
all for a smile.
He’s the most perfect dad a little girl could ask for for
But of course
things change.

I was 12 when I realized my parents faked their happiness
I found my dad in the rain,
gasping for air.

Five years ago,
I learned who my mom was.
As I laid in bed that night,
I wanted to know what changed.
I hoped my mom would open my door,
I hoped she’d rescue me from my nightmare.

When she finally opened the door,
I felt so relieved.
But not for long.
She wasn’t telling me everything would me be alright,
she came to tell me that she’d see me in a couple days.
She kissed my forehead and walked away.
My heart tore out as she closed the door behind her.

5 years ago everything changed.
And sadly,
It wasn't for the best.

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