November 15, 2016

Inside the very structure of bones holds a castle
Where it’s located at the crown,
And springs and waterfalls hold dear
Surrounded by a gate, protecting the very outer layer
Of the castle where creations and characters
Play and sing, running and dancing, making new things
In their paths and bringing color

They lay there, in the castle, in the yard, in the garden
Of the action that creates a coliseum of events that only
A pair of eyes can see. A pair of eyes that look down
And can spot everything they ever desired
Being displayed in front of them, reminding them that
This was their oasis they could escape to
Those eyes just need to close and there they are

One must use their brain to obtain this oasis
They must dig into the depths of their minds and
Seek it out, through the tangled forest of reality
And the fatal volcanoes of emotions
Touch the very epicenter, and just by brushing the tips
Of your fingers, you can achieve it

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