November 15, 2016

She watches her brother climb the staircase, barbarically
She spies through the slit of a door
As he erases his biology in frustration

She can’t believe that he
has made a mistake
He’s perfect

The vase of flowers sits on his tray
Stems perfectly cut
No pollen from honey bees
clinging to petals
He’s perfect

She Watches
She Wonders
She Follows

In the living room
Her mom and brother argue
“It was fine!” He yells
“Whatever you say.” Mom sighs.

She Watches
She Wonders
She Follows

He sits on the tree swing
Feet dangling on the sharp blades of grass
Head down watching the honey bee buzz bud to bud
“Pick your head up” she whispers
hand pressed against the window

She Watches
She Wonders
She Follows

When had he been cast off?
What has made him drift?
Where is he hiding in the dark blue abyss?

The girl watches as her brother climbs,
One by one, the
steps of the school staircase
whispering to himself, a frown on his reddish face

The last step on the stairs seems to snake onto his leg
Pulling him in 
She looks around
to see who has pushed him down
Only to see
That the real bully
Is nowhere to be seen

But then
There was a note
A note that wasn’t about debt
A note that wasn’t dictionary definitions
A note that wasn’t from a diorama
But a note about a diagnosis
For depression

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