November 15, 2016

It’s crazy to think that soon
Generations won’t even know what 9-11 was
Who did it
When they did it
And Why they did it

It’s crazy to think about how we go through our days,
Giving no thanks to the people that gave their life for us
Risking the chance they may not be able to come home to a family they left behind

It’s crazy to think about how we only put one day aside to honor these people
We see soil as a common thing
Whilst on the other side
Stepping on it being a fear in these people’s minds
How when the instant their boots sink into it
May be the difference between life and death

Some may return to a family that squeezes them tight
Pressing their soft lips to the person they haven’t seen in years.
While others,
Come back to a broken bottles of belief that are littered across the kitchen floor
The sobbing never ending
The tears always flowing

Why do some of us see it as a chore to honor these people,
When they deserve more.
So the next time you see them,
Stand up and cheer,
For they
Are the reason you are here.

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