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I am Horus,
A falcon soaring above the
Warm, calm, fertile lands of the Nile
And the twin monsters of the desert,
The red sands of anger and
The beige dunes of depression
Are the enemies of my mind unfettered
Set, chaos fighting to control me
And the night, wishing to drown me in the river

I am a son of both death and life
Doing his best to bring life to death
And rule Lower and Upper,
The reason and the passion
So that when one flashes,
The other does not end

I am the lord of the land
To be honored with bands of silver, lapis and gold
But tributes are torn from grasps
By ghastly sandstorms of thoughts lost
In the scraping, wailing and straining dark
The cost: a leg and an arm

I am the fury,
Tempered but true
Who hunts down that which defiles, defies me
An eye for an eye

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