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Like Mother, Like Son

“You were never the wild one,”
“You would always happily sleep in your crib and never wake me up in the middle of the night”
“Always so calm around people, you would just sit in your high chair and smile.”
My mom continues to go on to how that has now changed,
How now she sees herself when she was younger in me.
That I’ll argue until the day I die.
She says that as a kid that she was the same way,
“As a kid I was pretty bullheaded myself, I always believed my parents were wrong too you can even ask grandma yourself.”
In all honesty,
She still is.
After that, To solidify the fact that I'm bullheaded she says,
“Dylan you would make a pretty good lawyer since you like to argue so much,”
“Yeah okay mom,”
Is my response.
The next topic is my pretty short temper,
It is released with such things as
Punching walls,
Clapping whilst arguing,
and flailing my arms around.
Now my mother,
Also has a short temper
Getting her to a point of pure aggression is pretty easy,
But is not suggested.
The conversation turns into an argument when she says,
“You know that your kids are going to be like you”
“But 10 times worse.”
My response is always the same,
“No they won’t!”
We usually just go on to argue why and why not,
Myself believing that I’m right,
My mom believing that she is.
Making no progress in the dispute at all.
Further making the statement true.
That I am in fact, the same or possibly even worse than my mother.

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