7 Deadly Sins

November 16, 2016
By _.pj.exe SILVER, Mustang, Oklahoma
_.pj.exe SILVER, Mustang, Oklahoma
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"Hate is a wasteful emotion. Most of the people you hate don't know you hate them, and the rest don't care." -Medgar Evers


       Confidence in a cup, is what they call it.

      For certain death it's quite Hpnotiq. 

      It changed her mind from opposition

      I'm addicted to this chemical compostion

      Night after night, I find myself here;

      Between the legs of another, and the arms of a beer.



     Though green and frail, it's strong as ever.

     Holds the weight of the world, but light as a feather.

     The universe revolves around none but the,

     A status displayed for all to see.

     It seems to be our number one goal.

     Who knew to score, you'd sell your soul?



      Heads or tails, to the oposition. 

     It's not so bad, this frail admission.

     As the numbers rise, my future falls.

     I feed into each beckoning call.

     Against my will, another bite.

     Another loss in this endles fight.



      "What's mine is yours." What a stupid phrase.

     I desire everything adorned with my gaze.

     I'll argue and reason in the name of equality.

     But my want is strong as my argument is faulty.

     If I cannot have the same great joy,

     It shall become my mission to see yours destroy.



     There's nothing before me, but the colors of fatality.

    My ears are ringing from my hearts morality.

    It's grievance for the loss is abundantly clear.

    But my minds contribution is crippling fear.

    My hands are tained, as my concience will be.

    Never again, will he dare to test me.



    Ignorance is that, of free will.

    And to it's arms I shant succumb.

    To have success in any guild,

    Is a skill given to only one.

    For I have recieved such skill from the Divine.

    Thus the would shall be none but mine.



    I printed the facts. I finished the board.

    Yet all my work is being ignored.

    He gave us a C for participation,

    And couldn't comprehend my indignation.

    I sacrificed myself to avoid such failure.

    Why they sat idle enslaved by a cellular.

The author's comments:

A collection of poems about the 7 deadly sins without using the name of the sin.

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