the most simple solution

November 16, 2016
By avneetsidhu BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
avneetsidhu BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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It becomes time consuming
the horrible feelings you have tried to avoid
are suddenly blooming
you've officially lost
your itty bitty love is just as bold as the morning frost
and soon
that too is worth nothing
you tell yourself
the horrible words i speak don't hurt others
but your just really bluffing
soon others also become this way
and all the love in this world
slowly breaks away
now all we can do is pray
pray for a more loving world
a more loving world today
and soon
we also give up on that
we tell ourselves
there is is no solution we can arrive at
but hope
hope will never lose
your determination from it might even give you a bruise
you will push
on and on and on
because you understand, that in the game of life
you are just a pawn
the tinniest of them
bestowed upon,
the earth…
that will never be gone
and your legacy will live
on and on and on
so remember that
how you use your words
will never be forgotten
and you say mean things
because before you speak
you think of all the hatred that you've gotten
but love
love is always here
and now the solution to peace is finally clear
love others
think before you speak
because happiness now
is never going to be bleak


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