The Clouds

November 16, 2016

The Clouds,
I look up and see the great big blue that is the sky.
I look down and see the humans and their huge cities.
I am with the clouds.
I am a cloud.
I spot some friends and skip over to them,
and join them in their joyous dance.
We twist,
we swirl,
and we giggle at our antics.
I smile at my puffy white companions.
Never speaking,
always knowing
what the others are thinking.
We began to play a game loved by most.
Even the humans join us.
A guessing game it was,
an imagination game.
First a sheep,
then a slithering snake,
and after that a unicorn.
When it was my turn,
I balked at the sounds of grumbling,
and a moan.
I dared to look and beheld the smallest of all dark gray rainclouds.
I sailed over to him and touched his fragile head.
“Why so sad”
“I have no friends to play with” he answered.
I invited him,
into our group and the games began again.
We had such fun.
all good things had come to an end
when thunder split the sky
and lighting struck like a wild cat.
We all started slipping to the ground below.
I clawed for life as anyone would.
Then I stopped.
“It’s only rain, I’ll be here another day.”

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