Your Touch

November 16, 2016
Craving your touch, a painfully endless emotion I've never met before.
You always leave me breathless, only able to beg for more.
I ache for your skin on mine, like the ocean with his lips to the shore.
Savoring your voice, like the words you speak will be the last I hear.
Some of the sweet things you say make my heart feel as if it has nothing more to fear.
Your words give me strength, like that of the tree that breathes oxygen into a new year.
Loving you is beautiful and mysterious, like the sky giving birth to a star late in the night.
Its burning like the sun that dies for the moon, again and again, falling for their love, yet always putting up a fiery fight.
And as you hold me now, I thank the heavenly sky for our love, and watch as the sun and moon, together for a short time, fade out of sight

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