Being A Stray

November 16, 2016

Pictures on a wall
Telling what they want to
Masks in a frame
Being who they’re forced to

A perfect little lie
To keep others from talking
A bright little smile
To stop friends from wondering

Hidden scars and bruises
Wiping tears and blood
Saying “you're fine” when you're not
And running as the questions get hard
Asking yourself “why stay”
When you'll never be happy
Leaving friends when things get too tough

You're never gonna be that girl
Smiling there in the pics
You can pretend all you want
But you'll always be the “odd one out”
Because of different blood
Or the same dad
You're different, A stray that they took pity on
And you'll always feel that way

Pictures on a wall
Can be so deceiving
Telling a false story
And leaving you believing

That’ll never be the case
Why can't it be true
But thinking about it makes it clearer
it s because of you
You're the stray, the mistake that shouldn't have happened
You know it's true.

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