Hard Times

November 16, 2016
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You look at me

With tears in your eyes

Then I realize 

All the rules I defied


Hand in hand

I walk with you

The sky lights up

I swear its true


Take me with you

Make me new

Because I dont know

What to do


All I know

Is that god made me for a reason

I dont know what it is

Its that time of season

When all thatI want to do

Is ly in my bed and dream


All the things that I'm seein'

All the people that I'm meetin'

All the things that I'm bein'

Now I feel bad

For all the people I've mistreated


What is goin' on

What the hell do I do

All the s*** I been through

It's all my fault

And its got nothin' to do with you


So just leave me alone

Don't even bother

Tryin' the phone

I shut it down

And then i skipped town


When you came around

You turned my whole world upside down

I though everything was perfect

But I guess I was wrong

But don't worry

I wont be gone long


Im just waitin'

For all the hard times to end

But everywhere I go

The times get harder

So what should I do

Should Ieven go any farther 

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