Finally Me

November 16, 2016
By , Mustang, OK

People say I have no stability in my life
People say I’m too stubborn to listen to anyone
People say I think about myself too much
People say I have a bad attitude
People say I care and try way too hard
People say I have a better heart than mind
People say I have a big mouth
People say that sometimes i’m a little too sassy
People can criticize all they want till their hateful hearts are content and desired
People need to understand i’ve been underestimated throughout school
People need to i’ve struggled and stumbled numerous times in my life
Some mistakes were worse than others
Some of those mistakes and struggles I used as a clutch
Because I was too weak to face that problem
Years Later, I find my strength and willpower to take on those challenges ahead of my pathway.
I would have never learned from those mistakes if they had never happen 
I wouldn't be the person I am today without those  internal battle scars.
Nowadays people say I’m a smart young woman
People say I’m a hard-worker
People say I’m a leader
People tell me that I have the potential to do great things in my future
People are starting to see a scared little girl turn to a young woman who will be a better woman down the road of her life
Now they see a suitable young woman who is ready for anything coming her way
Rain or shine that young woman will shoot for the stars to found love and strength in the clouds
The courageous young woman that they see is me.

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