Coffee Shop on 5th

November 16, 2016
By , Monroe, MI

I was strolling through the busy streets
When it began to downpour
Everyone scattered
I found myself stumble into a small coffee shop
Dripping wet, I sit down on a stool at a counter
The smell of coffee lingers throughout the room
I glance outside to see if the rain slowed down
I notice an old man staring at me
Only about two stools away
Every now and again he’d stuff his face back in a newspaper
As if i didn’t notice his obvious looks
It went on for a few minutes
When I finally get fed up
I get off my stool and walk toward him
“Can I help you with something?”
I felt the words come out of my mouth
The man just laughed and looked back at his paper
I grab the paper out of his hand
“Sir, why do you keep looking at me?”
He looked me in the eyes
And began speaking
“I was sent from the future to meet you”
Who is this crazy old man?
How dumb do I look
I thought that, but didn’t say it
“Time travel isn’t possible”
I reply
It seemed a lot nicer
Considering this man probably was probably lost or something
“If it’s not possible, how do I know who you are, Sarah?”
He is definitely crazy
“You knowing my name means nothing”
I look around the room to see if anyone is watching
No one was
“Well, take a look at then if you still don’t believe me”
He motioned toward the paper
That I realize was still in my grasp
I unfold it and stare at the top
November 9th 2046

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