November 16, 2016

It starts in the heart, passes through the mouth and warms someone’s heart of stone          
It can heal on old nasty wound
Which they received while they had grown  
Words as sharp as glass cutting in too deep in their heart
They carry the burden of belief that they are unimportant
But we can change that with just a few words 
It’s more than deeds,   
Words and actions   
It must take full effort and not a fraction  
The manner in which you look at someone and think about feelings and needs    
We all go through sorrows and strife
But kindness can change a life 
So use words wisely and never forget,
We all need a pick me up every now and then
So pick each other up and brush each other off
Because even if we are hanging on by a tether
We are all in this crazy life together.

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