November 14, 2016

Pain is an unbearable thing
But it’s not greater than the voices that say
“You’ll never make it in life,”
But they cannot hear the voices that are screaming inside
They curse and they swear,
They fill up my head, and stab me with pain too hard to bear
I try my best to block the voices out,
But they become louder everyday,
They begin to shout
“You’re worthless, and hopeless. You are a fool,”
“You believe you can take me on?”
“Well, you have thought wrong,”
“You’ve only added to this fuel.”
The voice is a whisper, then it will gradually increase
It will say things about you, you don't wanna hear
It will go on and on and you know the end's nowhere near
It will stick in your throat till you’re unable to speak
It will take away everything you have been trying to keep
So, hold on to your loved ones
For you might not have them for long
For the voices are growing
And they are taking people out one by one

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